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Tips to Social Bookmarking and Networking

Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Myspace aren’t these names are a blast! Did you ever think why they are a blast in social life? Well its just because more n more people are using it to update each n every minute to their friends. People who do not get time in their everyday busy life find it easy to get connected over such sites with their friends. It has been noticed that from last few years people have started using social networking in a huge amount. It has become so effective that people call some sites as morning tea and some as dinner.

The big SEO guide SEOMoz has recently published a graph in their site showing the increasing popularity of these social media sites. SEOMoz also announced a list of 25 social media sites which are:

4. Wikipedia
12. Devianart
13. Yahoo Buzz
14. Hacker News
21. Epinions
24. Adobe Showcase
25. IMDB Pro

You can even share your photos, thoughts on these social sites and you can also find more and more friends similar to you.

How social bookmarking sites work? Its simple, there are lot of social bookmarking sites that you can use some of them are: Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Care2, Fark, Scribd etc. These bookmarking sites allow you to share your favorites on the internet with others. All you have to do is to create a login on each of the site and share your bookmarks there with relevant tags so that if a user search for a particular information and find same tag which you have added for your bookmarks then it is possible that he will read your favorite and find it interesting.

These bookmarking sites allow you to create your profile with each of your account. Apart from social bookmarking there is other revolution in internet world and that is social networking. You must have heard about Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc. these all are social networking sites that allow you to post each and everything that you like people to know. Here you can add your friend or other people you would like to and update them about your single minute.

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