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Twitter and Your Business

It seems that Twitter has found that the relationship between crime messages containing links are very high for one of our company profile and immediately suspended profile.

Twitter profile in question is used to send new services of one of our great forum so that our Community Twitter can be alerted to new content.

What they find funny (sad?) Is that Twitter has been suspended Profile worked as a profile of Reuters. Of course, they are not one billion dollars, but a small company trying to use Twitter to spread the word.

What they have found that this experience are:

Customer Service is overworked
Their customer service took five days to complete our preliminary application for more information on why they broke (yes, no warning was given) we should not expect a quick return to your profile also suspended in the case where they have piled up.

Social Media is not free!
Do not spend time and resources to build a business-oriented profile if you do not have a backup plan in place. For example, to send your fans to an asset you own a blog and get many of them in your marketing database by e-mail you can and if you are suspended, at least you can e-mail.

Spread the love
Do not focus on a social network – to establish a presence in all important – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The search is not dead – far from it
Do not search. They found that people who find us through the research will have greater appeal in relation to all visitors from social networks. The answer is simple. When people search they are looking for something in particular. When users click on a link in a social network for the most part, they are bored at work and looking for entertainment or distraction. Therefore, visitors to convert social networking opportunities in the heat requires a different strategy.

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