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Social Media Marketing for Online Branding

Online Branding What is an Online Brand? The best example of this is back in the day Cowboys would brand their herd with their own signature trademarks to claim as property and to establish from the rest of the packs out there. AOL is another big hit example where Screen Names took off and once again pushed online users to develop an online id other than their real names. Branding is a way to be remembered and have impact upon perception. Blogs, Social Media and Social Networks like Twitter all require a Username of some sort and by now more than likely you have a couple user names floating out there. Establish your Online Identity Set yourself apart Claim ownership of your Identity Build awareness and recognition Exposure To get started in your online presence and branding the easiest way to begin is to claim your online identity first Hey Zero Cool what is your handle?

Screen Names took off with unique handles too during the Punter & Prog Age in claiming online territories.

It’s also another way to claim separate identities and claim ownership. The best way to develop a nice and consistent online branding is to have a consistent user name throughout your Social Media sites out there. Hackers for example have a way of standing out or becoming known in the online world by their calling name or Online Handle. An Online Handle is a username/nickname or online username that is used when referring to oneself other than their real name. A Brand is the association connected to product, service or person and an Online Brand is taking that same establishment but developing it for the Online world. Well it’s quite simple you need to. So why would you need an online brand?Most notable was the Online Handle “Zero Cool” from the movie.

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