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Importance of Meta Tags in Web Search

Optimizing a website in search engines is the most effective way to get positive output from your business. Whether you are running a shopping or e-commerce site, a content based site, a non-profit site or a site which is just for fun you’ll definitely want to appear in search results. For this you will have to take care about many things like: meta tags, content, linking and offline promotion. In this blog we will learn about how important are the meta tags in web search.

While you will go through the html coding of a page the tags that are written under <meta> tags are known as Meta Tags of a webpage. Many pages don’t use these meta tags but let me tell you for your target pages these tags are very important.

There are basically 4 major tags in a page

<META name=”resource-type” content=”document”>

<META name=”description” content=”a description of your page”>

<META name=”keywords” content=”a, list, of, keywords”>

<META name=”distribution” content=”one of several”>

Out of these all tags are important but the 2nd tag Meta description is the most important. It comes up in web search and shows users what the page is all about. So you have to be very careful while writing a description for your webpage. It should clearly define what you are providing on your page. The description should also include the targeted keyword of your webpage.

The other important tag that does not comes up in meta tags listing still important is the Title Tag. This is something that comes as a title in web search when a user generate a query. This title tag should contain 40-50 characters and your targeted keyword.

The resource meta tag is basically used to define your document type. The distribution meta tag is used to list available resources designed to allow the use to find things easily. The keyword meta tag is not so important now a days.

Recently the Google Guru Matt Cutts recently posted in his blog that “Google doesn’t use the keyword meta tag in web search” (

I hope by now you are clear about the uses of meta tags and importance of adding them into your web page.
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